Western Sydney to be home to a new $1B Brain and Spinal Institute creating thousands of jobs

Posted: 16th Dec

Blacktown CBD is set to become home to Australia’s first world class Brain and Spinal Institute led by the internationally renowned neurosurgeon Professor Charlie Teo AM.

The $1 Billion facility will provide state-of-the-art medical treatment and a significant economic benefit to Western Sydney and Blacktown City.

It will generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs and deliver through an expected influx of interstate and international medi-tourism visitors.

Professor Teo said: “I want a centre of health that doesn’t feel like a hospital at all. I want a place that feels pleasant almost like a vacation. We will not just be looking at the brain and spine, but at the overall wellness of the patient.

“This will transform the way we look at and experience patient care and Blacktown will be the home to global excellence in providing world class health to all Australians.

“This iconic landmark will locate Western Sydney on a global scale for the hope, health and success of the community.”

It will also be a learning centre of excellence to train brain trauma specialists.

Dr Michael Sughrue, internationally renowned brain tumour specialist based at the University of Oklahoma, says he is excited about being one of the senior specialists who will be working from the new world-class facility.

“It’s the 21st Century neuroscience hospital where from the ground up it’s designed by experts, by doctors. Doctors who actually practice.

“The BBSI concept is to get advanced treatment to patients quicker, integrating research, and generating cutting edge ideas. A modern hospital for specialised treatment that ‘makes sense’,” said Dr Sughrue.

Blacktown Brain and Spinal Institute (BBSI) is the Group behind the world class facility that will be located in the Blacktown City centre, strategically located between the Westmead, Blacktown and Nepean medical precincts.

The Institute will complement these existing health precincts and deliver next level medical services and medical research.

The planned development will not only include the Blacktown Brain and Spinal Institute but will also include:

  • a new private hospital, designed by surgeons for their patients (artist impressions and fly through available)
  • a Five star Medical Hotel with rehabilitation facilities with the family in mind
  • a master-planned precinct
  • retail, residential and commercial space.

Blacktown City Mayor Tony Bleasdale, OAM said: “Blacktown City Council is right behind this project, led by Charlie Teo.

“It will be a wonderful addition to our city and Western Sydney, and we are so proud to be a part of that.

“This announcement fits beautifully with the work that is underway to transform Blacktown City.

“We are a City of Talent, and BBSI perfectly matches our key themes of opportunity and economic benefit to Western Sydney residents through attracting innovation and investment.

“We have a strong public health presence in our city and this development will add to Council’s collaboration with the Australian Catholic University, that was officially entered into in October this year.

“ACU is Australia’s leading educator of allied health professionals. The ACU Blacktown campus will commence courses in 2021 and will grow to host 5,000 students”.

Mayor Bleasdale said the development of the medical facility will be made possible in Blacktown through the purchase by BBSI of the current Blacktown Council Administration Centre site.

“This purchase will enable the Council to fund the construction of a new building incorporating Council’s administrative centre and other facilities at the Warrick Lane redevelopment site,” he said.

Source: Mirage News - https://www.miragenews.com/blacktown-to-be-home-of-world-leading-brain-and-spinal-institute/