Health care industry projected to generate most jobs in Australia: report

Posted: 31st May

According to The Department of Jobs and Small Business, projections to May 2023 suggest that total employment will increase by 886,100 (7.1%) over the next five years.

Jobs in Healthcare and Social Assistance will increase by 250,000 (14.9%).

Other sectors which could see significant growth include Construction (118,800 or 10%), Education and Training (106,600 or 11.2%) and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (106,600 or 10.2%).

"The projections, to May 2023, indicate that the long-term structural shift in employment towards services industries will continue," the report reads.

Seventeen out of 19 industries will experience a growth in employment over the five years to May 2023, according to the report.

However, two industry sectors are projected to experience a decline in employment. Wholesale Trade might see a fall of 9,700 (2.7%). Jobs are also expected to fall by 1400 (0.4%) in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing.

The projections are based on "the forecasted and projected total employment growth rates published in the 2018-19 Budget, Labour Force Survey data (June 2018) for total employment, and the most recent detailed quarterly Labour Force Survey data (May 2018) for industry employment data."

The report projects "a long-term structural shift in employment towards services industries to continue" over the coming five years.

Apart from Health Care and Social Assistance, Australia is projected to witness substantial growth in the leisure economy.

The report projects that Accommodation and Food Services employment is expected to increase by 81,400 (9.1%) while the employment in the Arts and Recreation Services industry is projected to increase by 22,000 (8.7%).

Source: SBS News